Importer of Records import / export

For our partners we provide a special service - importer of records / exporter of records (IOR / EOR).

What is Importer of Records? When the company does not want to run foreign economic activity in Ukraine by itself, it can order this services on outsourcing with us. We provide that kind of  service for many of our clients.

How does it work? We sign supply contract with your Supplier on your behalf and buy products directly from him, deliver to Ukraine, receive permissive documents and make the customs clearance on our company name (with all customs payments). This scheme will allow to purchase goods in Ukraine under internal agreement in national currency with VAT calculated.

What are the advantages? If you choose the service of Importer of Records it will help you to:

-           release from problems of planning, organization and fulfillment of all functions of importing company which has to  prepare foreign supply contracts,
check on-time currency payments based on terms of the contract, buying currency for payment of the goods etc.;

-           limit expenditures for keeping professional stuff of logistic managers, financial specialists and legal experts in your office;

-           to buy the desired goods in Ukraine under internal contract & in local currency with fixed price.

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