TENGROUP LLC was formed in the first half of 2008. The basis of our team was professional and active employees, whose purpose - to provide service that meets the necessary requirements of our clients and at present.

We find, work out and realize optimal solutions for any logistic goals either in Ukraine or abroad, taking into account the wishes and principles that our clients follow.

The main company's objective – minimum involvement of time, human and material Client resources at solving the formulated tasks but maximum using our experience, professionalism and opportunities for this purpose.

Our task is to build our work in such a manner and so well that our Clients entrust us this piece of work, quietly concentrating their efforts and time on global strategic objectives on promoting their products and services on the market.

Our vision: Logistics – is like Swiss watch, because it is obliged to be perfectly reliable and accurate. It has to decorate you and silently testify your good taste and status. It is invisible, but gives you the opportunity to build and plan your day. Its importance and value can be noticed only when it is faulty.

Our motto: "Logistics is the right thing at the right place and time. Leave it for us and you can easily do your own business."

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