Customs Code of Ukraine.

Clause V. Customs regime of the goods and transport vehicles that are moving through the customs border of Ukraine.

Chapter 14. Export

Export - is a customs regime in accordance to which the goods are going out/exported from the customs territory of Ukraine for free rotation, without obligations concerning their return back to this territory and without appointing terms of their usage outside the boundaries of the customs territory of Ukraine.

In export regime you can export goods that you have sold outside Ukraine for further selling (distribution) or personal needs of your Buyer. During export regime customs payments (duties and VAT) are absent. obtaining the permissive documents (methods of non-tariff regulations) there must be also official payments to state regulatory bodies.

For customs clearance of your goods in export regime our broker will define the customs code of the goods, provides you with information about permissive documents required by the customs code for the goods, prepare PP or/and PD as well as customs declaration for export.

The obligatory condition for export customs clearance is the document conformation of the price formation (calculation) of the goods and its country of origin.

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