Temporary import / export

Customs Code of Ukraine.

Clause V. Customs regime of the goods and transport vehicles that are moving through the customs border of Ukraine.

Chapter 18. Temporary import / export

Temporary import (export) - is the customs regime in accordance to which the goods can be imported to the customs territory of Ukraine and exported from it with obligatory return back of these goods to the territory of Ukraine without any changes, except for the natural wastage or losses under normal transportation conditions.

Temporary import/export regime is perhaps the most difficult and complicated in our legislation

Depending on the reason for temporary import/export the customs clearance in this regime may be with or without customs payments (as in import regime).

To avoid possible problems the best way is to get in touch with us before you plan your delivery but not at the moment when goods are sent or at border crossing point or even at customs terminal waiting for clearance.

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