Customs Code of Ukraine.

Clause V. Customs regime of the goods and transport vehicles that are moving through the customs border of Ukraine.

Chapter 17. Transit

Transit - is the customs regime in accordance to which the goods and transport vehicles can be transported under customs control between two customs authorities or within the boundaries of the action of the one customs authority without any usage of these goods or transport vehicles at customs territory of Ukraine.

During the customs clearance of your cargo in/from airport or sea port until the point of destination we will do all the procedures at customs and controlling authorities (sanitary, ecology, quarantine, radiation and other controls) and provide the services of payment to all local services (warehouse, unloading /loading works, issuing airway bill or any other transport document to forward the cargo, inspection, reloading if means of transport changes during transit). During the transit of the out-of-gauge (OOG) cargo and/or heavy-lift cargoes we will get the special permit for your cargo before its arrival. In case you may need armed-escort for the valuable cargo - we provide you with this service.

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